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What is a Crescent?

For those who don’t know, a crescent is the lunar phase of the moon.

It is when the moon is still in its quarterly phase. It may not have turned fully yet. Thus, you are not going to get a complete view of the moon but that would depend on where you are on the planet. It is pretty doubtful people would take many Instagram worth shots of the crescent with the exception of those photographers who are dying for shots. You can’t really blame them for taking nature shots as that will explain what the weather is all about.

Crescent Moon Wine Bar

When the crescent appears, you know it is pretty much nighttime.

After all, it never appears during the daytime. It is also a sign that you need to go to sleep soon. If you are still driving on the road, you must be headed home or you will get sleepy in a few minutes. When the crescent shows up, it is pretty dark and you can count the starts if you want. No matter how hard you try, you can never count the number of stars in the sky as it is just too impossible. It would be better to just enjoy the New Sensations coupon view. A lot of people would choose to hold a picnic when the crescent is out and you can’t really blame them. That would really depend on where you plan on holding the picnic though because some picnics could have them be cold.

When the crescent goes down, you can feel the cold. The temperature will get a little colder than before. so better bring the proper attire. Besides, if you don’t do that then it is going to feel a bit uncomfortable. Also, you are going to love the Crescent when you see it. It has become so popular that a lot of people named their restaurants and bars after it. That does not mean it will open when the crescent comes out though. They have a lot of drawings of it and they expect their customers to also draw the crescent. There is certainly no harm in trying and there is no right or wrong answer for that. The important thing is everyone gets to have fun. There are a lot of good weather forecasters who can predict when the crescent comes out. The truth is it really varies and there is no fixed time for it to come out. Besides, you can’t really set an alarm for it to come out.


The crescent is also used as the symbol for the moon.

It is mostly seen in calendars on your smartphone and hard copies. When you see it, you know they are predicting when the moon will come out. Some would think that is not really important though but it is better for it to be there or not. The word ironically rhymes with a descent which is good because it is when the discounted porn light goes down and won’t be seen again until after a few hours.